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I am the change I want to see. I am what I eat.


Sunset on the Lake: we've finished the Feast!

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Flashes of the event

This Ethical Feast took place in Nov 2009. We are dreaming and planning the next Feast. Feel free to join in here as the spirit moves you.

Media Conference and Opening ceremonies: 17 Nov

Rita Dixit Kubiak of Big Medicine Charitable Trust offered the opening blessings, followed by a media conference and open discussion.

The press were interested in "why does Udaipur need another NGO?" and "can organic food be relevant when 90% of the population already eats traditional food".

Organic India Tea and Jaso Ann Amaranth biscuits were served. A lovely event was had by all.

Crowd at media conferenece

First Feast: 18 Nov

Nearly 100 people gathered over a 5 hour program to immerse themselves in fabulous Mewari cooking and the very impressive conversation amongst some of the region's finest Ayurvedic and environmental minds. Thanks to our tireless hosts, Prem, RIta and friends from Big Medicine Charitable Trust.

Ethical Feast scene 

Second Feast: 21 Nov

Definitely amazing: 600 villagers roll through the tent over the course of the evening, drawn by curiosity, a good feed, the cultural program, and the desire to waken a new, optimistic season after a very tough year. Thanks to Ganesh Purohit and his endless network of connections through Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti and the good people of Chandwas.

Bajjan singing late into the night

Field trips and Party: Nov 23

A fabulous field day was held with visits to an organic education centre near the Gujarat border, lunch with the former king of the region, watching an amazing potter perform his daily miracles, and admiring the sunset from a new ecotourism resort at the edge of a dam project.

delightful potter


Third Feast: Nov 24

Three intrepid host families volunteered to take us out for a dinner in their homes. Our feast convenor, the lovely Shikshantar team, placed us with people they consider to be innovators and early adopters...cultural creatives. Amazing meals are had by all.

Closing Rituals: Nov 25

We walked down to the ghat at the Udaipur Shakti Works Mela Ground and and lit a stick of incense at sundown. I played the blues harp while Varsha performed a bit of a dance. Rita tings a bell at the Love Nest headquarters of Big Medicine Charitable Trust. Caro joins us at the last light. We say a puja/thank you and exchange hugs for the closing of the event. Graciously advised by Pandit Ganesh Sharma.

In case you're just tuning in now...

In the third week of November 2009, on the shores of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, Rajasthan, a delightful and thought-provoking event has taken place: a celebration of food traditions, an open investigation of food security, and an immersion experience in one of the planet’s most dynamic cultures.

Think of it as a bring-your-own-plate symposium or a round table discussion party. It was about agrarian innovation and the wondrous dimensions of Indian food culture. It was about nourishment for our minds and hearts. It was about how our personal worlds connect with the cumulative realities we are creating.

A free, week-long gathering featuring 3 Feasts and Symposium

There was dancing, singing, performance, food, presentations and participatory workshops. It will be rich with intellectual and edible intimacy, partaken by participants who are activist advocates for global and personal well-being.