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Feast progressing at the speed of cows

It's all happening. The tents go up, the food is prepared, and the people sit together, talk, and eat. All is good.

The frustrations are an education in themselves. Main problem is setting up technology and trying to manage either remote relationships (across the web), or temporally remote events (pre-recorded).

The only things that really sems to work are the immediately accessible, ground level experiences that can be processed as they occur.

Feast in Four Days: yum! aum! yum! aum!

Greetings all,

This may well be your last bulk email before we sit down and say grace to start the 2009 Ethical Feast.

What a journey this has been! The past few weeks have been nothing short of amazing. People from all over the world have sent in their greetings and best wishes, and I have been humbled by the generosity of spirit in everyone I have talked with.

Fast connections and slow camels

It's been a few weeks now on the hunt for a proper connection to the internet. Finally, here in Pushkar, we wander into the Vagabond rooftop Cafe and find a lovely (amazing) cup of coffee, excellent bread, and fast internet. Heaven indeed!

Pushkar is one of the only Brahman sites in the world, so it's an amazing holy site as well as being stunningly beautiful. This is also the time of the Camel Mela (like a big rural show) that attracts thousands of wild-eyed visitors every year.

We leave tomorrow and head back to Udaipur. It's time to get the Feast into high gear!

Landed in Udaipur

Just a quick note to say we've landed here in Mother India. It's already been a huge trip, and somehow have managed to step straight into the middle of Diwali celebrations, the biggest, loudest, most exhuberant celebration on the already hyped up Indian social calendar. There's no comparison...Lakshmi rocks!

WebEx for video conferencing?

Tested out the webex video conference platform ont eh weekend. It's a bit "professional" looking, but seems well-supported.

Does anyone have experience with other systems that might be suitable?

Hog heaven: how we're making swine of ourselves

Not for queasy stomachs. This is an excellent bird's eye view of the problem with CAFO (concentrated animal factory operations).

The realities of feeding millions of people through a few industrialised methodologies.

Read, weep...and then wonder about the alternatives.

Invites rolling out

Dear ones: the chocks have been knocked away and the good ship 2009 Ethical Feast is rumbling down the ways to kiss the sea of reality...

Thanks to all of you for your help and enthusiasm.

The invites are trickling out now, and will be a rushing torrent ere long.

Time is compressing: please do pass your invite along to people you think would make excellent dinner guests and encourage folks to rock up to the site and register som eform of participation even if they can't attend in person.

Invite in final draft

If you're one of the early birds swooping on this site, find a comfortable branch and hang on for a peck... Registrations are not quite open!
The Cohort of Able Advisors are reaching a consensus on the invitation right now. We hope to have the site ready for you by the end of this week.
Huge enthusiasms and gratitudes for your interest.

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