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Second Lives and the Fractal Determinism of "You are what you eat"

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Subtitle: The Terrible Elegance of Square Chickens for Square Bellies

Who would have thought that the best diet for tomorrow's urban dwellers is completely manufactured foods? In this presentaiton I will explore the implications of fulltime living in Second Life (the online world)  and the inevitability of a fundamental fork in the species.

Looking at the horror of CAFOs (concetrated animal food operations) whose sole purpose is to provide a thoroughly de-natured calorie-stream to an intensely urbanised population, we are tempted to scream for a return to the beautiful bucolic contrysides of our imaginings.

Yet: if our bodies are constantly tuning themselves to their surroundings, as any elegant complex system would do...and if our intellects are busy constructing highly abstracted spaces, as any symbol-symbiot would incline toward, then what is the ideal cuisine of the future? Are there hidden elegances and emergent perspectives that bear a strangely pragmatic fruit suited for the paradigm-shfted future?