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Structured considerations

There are many ways to encounter a future: my own future remains a daily mystery. Thinking about the future of an entire culture is in most repsects a project of personal's not that we are really thinking that our debate will change India so much as it can reveal more about ourselves.

The debate graph below is a new kind of tool that provides an "argumentation framework". It makes having certain kinds of dicussions easier and more procedurally visible.

These debates are stored in a "topic map" format. This allwos them to be transported throguh differnt sorts of computers and re-combined in different contexts. There are not many examples of topic maps yet, but (assuming the wired world is sustained for a few more years) they could become quite common.

Enjoy... and ethicalfeast [at] gmail [dot] com (please let me know) if you'd like to do somehting special with this particular debategraph.