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Feast 2: Farming the Traditions

JJVS family enjoying feast

In cooperation with Ganesh Purohit and family, with the people of Jhadol, Chandreshinar Mahadev Vikas Trust, Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti, Big Medicine Charitable Trust, and Rastriya Guni Mission.

What does it take to fill the bellies of an entire clan? How to prep and deliver food in huge quantities and still retain the rasa?

This feast will be cooked under a huge tent. Gather around pit-fired pots big enough to hold 100 litres of ghee. It’s village feast cooking: local, seasonal, direct and delicious.

There will be farm visits, tours of medicinal plant gardens, cultivation cooperatives in traditional holy forests as well as school gardens and conversations with alternative farmers.

Framing for the Feast

We're going to feed at least 300 people in this Feast.

The dinner party will be our core of Ethical Feast attendees, plus the farmers and their families who grew and prepared the food we will eat.

Virtually all of the ingredients will be from local farms. Apparently only almonds and cardamon are not available in the region.

The Feast will be held somewhre near Jhadol, which is a village centred on farmng and grazing. As in many similar villages, there has been a sharp transition from a basically cashless, sustainable local life, to more modern lifestyles.

The green revolution and a history of failed government and foreign investment programs has left the region teetering on the verge of ruin. Only 60 years ago the area was covered in lush forests and enjoyed bountiful harvests.

In the grinding trauma of the post-colonial period, the region was clear-felled, the topsoil washed off the rocky slopes, and now vast stretches of once-productive land are desert.

In the face of this, local people are making a determined effort to adopt smart, sustainable farming with a focus first on feeding themselves and strengthening their local ecomonies.

An enthusiastic network has formed to promote organic/biodynamic methods and to use local versions of permaculture to bring life back to the country.

MENU: selections of mewari country specialities

SPECIAL Evening Performance by the famous JJVS Singers and the Bagdunda Group

LOCATION: Jhadol and surrounds.

DATE: 21 Nov

Varsha Prasadi